With people today looking for a more natural approach to their photos, the team at Natural Portrait Photography strive to create a personalised photo experience for every client.

With young children, we want to capture their cheeky grins, or with families it’s the interaction and the family dynamic that people want to see.

And with couples, it’s the feelings that brought them together that they want to hold onto and remember. Only a skilled portrait photographer can achieve this.

We use high quality digital equipment and post-production skin smoothing techniques to ensure you look your very best.

Product range

The portraits we create are customised to suit each client. For that reason, we offer a range of products including storybooks, Wall Portraits, and artworked images in electronic form.

We find that many our clients fall in love with their photos that they also have helped create. Some spend a few hundred dollars while others get what they really want and see the value in getting a portfolio of photos.